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Customer Reviews

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Great replacement for oem cartridges

Premium toner with the same performance as OEM toner at a quarter of the price of Canon. Easy disassembly and installation, fully compatible with the printer. Print quality is great - third-party generic toners like this make switching from ink to toner so economical.

Shirley Arnold
White lines constantly appear in the Magenta toner

That may not be the case. It's average at best, but a nightmare at worst. One by one the inks failed. The Magenta one was the first to break, but it wasn't bad, just a little difficult to clean. But today all my fingerprints were blue on both sides. When I opened the toner container it was just blue . blue everywhere. The blue paint on my hands and my desk. everything in the printer. I can't. Constant white lines in the Magenta toner. I've tried every solution I could find but it keeps coming back. I bought another can of toner to see if the problem persisted, but this was starting to look like a no-no to me.

Charlotte McBride
The print quality is unacceptable

This poor print quality has been replaced with Canon toner, the colors are less vibrant and, most importantly, lines can be seen in every photo. Text is usually fine, but solid colors have so many streaks that they're not worth using. I thought we might have failed, so we tried one at a time, but there was a problem with multiple cartridges.

I have my doubts about this one

Don't think you're buying this. I'm so sorry to pay money for this.

Carey Cameron
This product is not compatible with canon mf642cdw

This product is not compatible with Cannon MF642Cdw as stated. This is how my prints appeared. I am not satisfied because I may have damaged my new printer.

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